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Where is The HarMac located?

The HarMac Event Space resides in the historic Harper & McIntire building in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Our address is 411 6th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401.

Why should we choose The HarMac for our event venue?

To put it simply - The HarMac has an industrial charm like no other. We have tons of huge windows, craft cocktails at our upscale bar, and spacious on-site get-ready suites! This space is a photographer's paradise, so if you're looking for amazing photo opps both on site & nearby, we've got you covered. We also have a kitchen designed specifically to create a stress-free area for your caterers.

Where would you recommend we take photos for our wedding day?

We have SO many locations for photos, both inside & out. Some of the many include: Inside the venue: - The 1920's chute - Our gorgeous bar - Industrial doors - Huge windows - The McIntire Room - Either of the get-ready suites - The Harper Room Outside the venue: - The rooftop of The HarMac - Downtown Cedar Rapids - Green Square Park - Buildings next to us (Pepsi building - white brick walls; Staymats - red brick with ivy)

How many people can the venue hold?

We can accommodate guest counts ranging from 40 to 400.

What events do you host?

We can accommodate corporate gatherings, social activities, live music, to weddings, showers and rehearsals.

Do you have parking?

Not only do we have 118 on-site downtown parking spots, but we also have an additional 90 more, just a 1/2 block away!

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